Ambalapara Blossoms

You know my native place Ambalapara. I visited there after a long gap. Rainy season have stepped in and the blossoms welcome you with cheer. I clicked almost all the blooms in here.

Ambalapara Blossoms

My Flower | Kitchen Garden - Day 1 (Week 1)

It was a moment (I do not know when!) a garden craze hit on my head real hard! That I decided to utilise the space at my home efficiently for gardening (both flowers and vegetables). There are already 6 coconut trees, 1 Zapota and 1 pomegranate tree which are good. Plus there is mango tree too!

But! no flowers or vegetables. Now I have decided to get into creating one. There is a little intention behind it. My sister will be here in November with her new born. I want to create a wonderful blossom as a welcome gift for both of them. So me (soon to be) 30 year old and my (soon-to-be) 4 year old son have decided to give it a shot.

A little background about my place and me. I work for a 9 hour regular job and my son is schooling too. I have all Saturdays working but my son does not! So Sunday we have decided to clear weeds and do some planting and garden maintaining. I live in Coimbatore and the soil is black soil. On some pots I have red soil, and I have 6 huge pots filled with coir pith.

From July 13 2015, I have been hunting for someone to clear the weeds in my garden. Finally I found one who cleared my garden from weeds on July 18 2015.

On July 19th 2015, I visited the Agri Expo held in codissia and bought 5 roses, 1 marigold and 2 flowering plants (Whose name is unknown). I came home, wetted the soil and planted them right away. Also I filled 6 pots with coir pith and watered them.

Here are the pictures of week 1 day 1 of my garden:

Female Koel enjoying her fruits

I had a hard time finding out who she is.